Basil pesto, freshness and flavor from the best Italian tradition


You think of Italian food and immediately think of the true star of the table: pasta. How to resist a good plate of pasta with tomato and basil, very simple to prepare and ideal for a lunch with family or friends? Or how to give up delicious Bucatini all’Amatriciana both in its original recipe and revisited with bacon?

However, there is another condiment of Italian origin very appreciated in the United States: basil pesto. Let's discover the reason for this success, and how to recognize the real Italian pesto.

Basil pesto, versatility and freshness in the kitchen

Characterized by an unmistakable scent of basil and traditional green color, basil pesto is the perfect ally to add a touch of freshness and flavor to our dishes.

Much loved both in the warmer seasons and in the winter months, basil pesto has a unique advantage: it does not need to be cooked. Once you open your jar, you can add it to pasta using a teaspoon and stirring everything.

It also has another great advantage: in addition to being used with pasta, basil pesto also goes well with risotto, lasagna and even with bread, focaccia and pizza!

It is therefore a ready-made ingredient which should always be kept in the pantry, very convenient both to create fast dishes, and when we want to try something a little more elaborate, for example on special occasions or celebrations with loved ones.

How to recognize the real Italian pesto?

Among the many Italian products imported into the United States, it is not always easy to recognize authentic ones that respect the true tradition of the Bel Paese.

Here are some indications to be sure that you have found the original basil pesto:

  • At a glance, it pleasantly captures the eye for its vivid and intense green color
  • You can smell a fresh and pleasant hint of basil
  • The texture is soft and enriched by the presence of extra virgin olive oil
  • The ingredients should include pine nuts and sea salt.

A typical Ligurian recipe, pesto is now successfully made in different areas of Italy, where the sunny months and the Mediterranean breeze favor the growth of basil plants whose leaves are then carefully washed and passed to the mortar creating a 0 km condiment, quick to make even at home!

Basil Pesto Made in Italy: buy online now!

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