Frequently Asked Questions - Cooking Classes

Can I bring my own wine?


Yes, we are BYOB and you are welcome to bring your favorite wine and beer to enjoy during your cooking class. Please limit it to wine and beer. No heavy alcohol is allowed.

Do you sell gift cards for your cooking classes?


Yes. You can purchase them online here and you will receive a gift card in your email box.

You can also purchase one at our store located at 55 Main Street, Madison NJ.

Can I use the gift cards for classes?


Yes. Our gift cards are valid for classes, products in the store, prepared food, catering orders and private events.

I cannot attend the class that I booked. Can I get a credit or a refund?


Our classes are not refundable. 

If you would like to reschedule a class, we require a 5-day advance notice to reschedule, and a $50 rebooking fee will apply. You will be emailed an electronic gift card in the amount equal to the value paid for the class reduced by the $50 rebooking fee.

I have an old gift card, from 3 years ago. Is it still valid?


Yes, your gift cards are always valid. They never expire.

I am interested in booking a private event. What should I do?


Fill out the form in the contact us sections requesting more information, and our event manager will reach out to you to coordinate your event.

I am gluten free. Can you accommodate that?


Our kitchen is not a gluten free kitchen. If you have a gluten intolerance and you would like to attend one of our classes, please let us know by leaving a note at the time of your booking. We will try our best to provide you with some safe food for you to eat.

But please keep in mind that it might not be possible for you to prepare a gluten free meal from scratch (ex. We will provide gluten-free pasta for you to eat but we cannot have you making gluten free pasta from scratch for you to eat).

The classes on your website are sold out. Is there a waiting list?


If you see that a class is sold out, you can click on the class icon and on the right side of the page you will find a box to enter your email address to receive a notification in case of any cancellation.

The class I want has only 1 spot left but I need to sign up for 2 people. Can you add a spot for me?


The class availability displayed on our website is usually accurate. Sometimes it’s possible to add a spot for you, if the availability you see is not enough.

To check if there is a possibility to add an extra spot, please give us a call at (973)966-5200.

Are the cooking classes hand-on classes?


Yes, our cooking classes are 100% hands-on, unless stated otherwise.

Can I bring my kid to an adult cooking class?


We have a special program for family cooking, called “Cooking with the kids”.

We suggest signing you and your kids up for those kinds of classes.

But if you prefer to bring your kid to a regular adult class, we allow that too.

Can I share the ingredients with a friend of mine?



In case you want to attend the cooking class with a friend of yours, each one has to purchase the lesson and will be provided with his own ingredients.

What is the maximum number of participants you allow in a cooking class?


We usually allow 14 people. Sometimes if we get a special request to add some guests, we can go up to 16, if the class set up allows it.

What is the minimum and maximum number for a private event?


The minimum number of guests for a weekly private event is 10 people.

The minimum number of guests for a weekend private event is 10 people.

The maximum number of guests for a private event is 45 people.

Frequently Asked Questions - Kids Cooking Summer Camp

Frequently Asked Questions - Other matters

How can I see what prepared food you have available?


Call the store (973)966-5200 to find out what’s available for the day.

Do you deliver?


Usually we do not deliver our catering orders, products or prepared food.

If one of our staff is available, we are happy to accommodate your request. So if you really need a delivery, call us to find out our availability.

Do you ship?


Yes. We ship our dry products nationwide. We do not ship fresh food.

Do you offer kids birthday parties?


Yes, we do. Send us a request for more information through our contact form and we will be happy to coordinate with you to organize your event.

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