The perfect American BBQ: 6 must-have accessories


BBQ, what a passion!

In this guide we illustrate 6 essential accessories for a perfect American BBQ, selected by our staff and easily purchased from the Healthy Italia online shop.

Are you ready to enjoy the sound of charcoal and amaze guests between direct and indirect cooking and delicious aromas?

1) Perfect American BBQ: extra virgin olive oil made in Italy

For an exceptional barbecue you must have a bottle of extra virgin olive oil by your side, useful both for marinating and seasoning vegetables and fish, and to soften and make tastier cuts of meat. Our advice is to use authentic Italian extra virgin olive oil, unique in the world for quality, consistency and fragrance.

Buy extra virgin olive oil made in Italy.

2) Wok pot

If you use a gas or electric BBQ equipped with a pan plate, then the Wok pot can really make a difference to your menu! Free from PTFE, PFOA and nickel, the Primecook Wok is considered one of the best woks for frying or cooking, and is also washable in a few steps with hot water and absorbent paper. And thanks to its exclusive Ecoshield non-stick coating, food residues can be easily removed!

Shop the non-stick wok pot.

3) Paperstone® cutting board with elegant cutting board holder

Modern and refined design, water-repellent and non-toxic, hygienic and sustainable surface: what more could you want from a cutting board? We have the answer: that it preserves the temperature of food up to 356°F without continuing to cook it!

A revolutionary solution for serving meat and steaks, saying goodbye to one of the most annoying inconveniences for those who love to cook brisket, hamburgers, Florentine and other cuts that require a precise level of cooking.

Without nickel and petroleum-based substances, the Paperstone® cutting board is NSF certified. The paints used are food-compatible. The cutting board is removable and can be used separately.

Buy the Paperstone® cutting board with cutting board holder.

4) Professional kitchen knife - 8 inches

High quality professional multipurpose knife handcrafted in Italy, it is ideal for cutting, chopping and shredding any type of food. A titanium TITAN-ECOSHIELD protective layer covers its wide blade, making it corrosion-resistant while sharp and smooth to cut with.

Buy the professional kitchen knife - 8 in.

5) Silicone brush

Here is another essential accessory for your BBQ to easily and evenly spread liquids and sauces on cuts of meat and fish. Lightweight and dishwasher safe, our silicone brushes are practical, hygienic and heat resistant.

Buy the silicone brushes.

6) Melamine bowls

Very useful both to create your own custom sauces to use while cooking and to serve them on the table, this fantastic set of 4 2.5 inch melamine bowls combine the indestructibility and practicality of melamine with lively textures that fit a modern and joyful mise en place. For a truly original touch of style.

Shop the set of melamine bowls.

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