Want to cook and taste iconic Italian dishes? With Healthy Italia’s cooking classes, it’s now easy and fun! Book now to get an authentic Italian experience and learn all the secrets of Italian cuisine!

Our mission is to bring traditional Italian dishes to every family! 

Healthy Italia is located in Madison, New Jersey. We offer a large availability of offline and online cooking classes, where we share our tips for cooking traditional Italian dishes that make your mouth water. 

Our cooking classes feature delicious homemade pasta, gnocchi, ravioli, pizza, risotto, tiramisu, salads, cakes, fish, vegetables, and even iconic dishes unique to different regions (Rome, Florence and Venice). 

Read on to find out more about us, and why our cooking school stands out from competitors.

Cristina Bossini, the founder of Healthy Italia, is a young italian girl who has been living in New York for many years, while bringing savory cuisine of her native country to American families. 

Healthy Italia - La Buona Cucina is now a growing company with five main services

  1. Italian cooking classes
  2. Ingredients for Italian cooking, directly imported from Italy and sold exclusively by Health Italia in the whole United States
  3. Italian prepared food that is cooked by our chefs from scratch using only high quality ingredients
  4. Catering services for your exciting celebrations and events
  5. We also can host private events for groups of up to 45 people

What is so special about our cooking classes:

  • You get to cook delicious meals from scratch following truly authentic recipes: just like our Italian grandma taught us!
  • No cooking skills required, we make it easy and fun for everyone!
  • Everything you need is provided: best ingredients (imported directly from Italy!), individual cooking stations, as well as guidance and inspiration from our owner and your cooking instructor, Cristina Bossini!
  • You will enjoy a full immersive experience: cook, eat, drink, socialize and have fun because each cooking class is followed by dinner and dessert.
  • We have a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) policy, so you're more than welcome to bring your favorite beverages with no corkage fee!
  • Our Italian cooking classes are a great idea for a date, birthday celebration, family gathering, corporate party, bachelorette party—you name it! memories to last a lifetime and learn recipes that will surprise your friends and family!

Check out our upcoming Italian on site cooking class and book your very own authentic Italian experience now!

We are Healthy Italia. Portiamo l'Italia da te! We bring the taste of Italy from our heart to yours!

For any further information please feel free to contact us.

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