Top Italian cooking classes offered in New Jersey? Only by Healthy Italia!


Can't wait to try your hand at Italian cooking and learn how to prepare the most celebrated traditional Made in Italy recipes? Participate in a fun and educational experience with Healthy Italia's cooking classes!

Based in Madison, New Jersey, our school offers a rich calendar of on-site Italian cooking classes. They are fantastically themed cooking classes that will teach you the best Italian cooking techniques ... so that you can surprise your family and all your guests!

Fresh and homemade pasta, gnocchi, ravioli, pizza, risotto, tiramisu, salad, cakes, fish, and vegetable cooking classes. Plus, typical menus from Rome, Florence and Venice: at Healthy Italia, authentic Italian cuisine has no secrets!

Why choose us? Find out what sets us apart from other cooking schools in the area.

New Jersey Italian cooking courses Healthy Italia's unique values

Created by Cristina Bossini, a young Italian girl who has lived in New Jersey for years, Healthy Italia - La Buona Cucina is a growing company focused on four main activities:

  1. Italian cooking school;
  2. Online sale of typical Italian food products such as pasta, oil, rice, risotto and polenta and more, imported directly from Italy by Healthy Italia without outside distributors and sold exclusively by us throughout the United States;
  3. In-store sale of Italian ready-made food prepared daily in our kitchen using only high-quality products;
  4. Catering service.

In terms of our Italian cooking classes, the unique values that set us apart are:

  • In our Italian cooking classes, each participant cooks everything from scratch, experimenting firsthand from start to finish with the individual steps of each recipe;
  • You can expect to find individual workstations and cooking stations;
  • Only traditional Italian cuisine recipes are prepared;
  • Cooking classes are taught almost exclusively by the owner, Cristina. Only on some occasions are classes taught by her assistant, who is trained and instructed in detail on the recipes and traditions of Italian cuisine;
  • Purchasing the cooking class includes both the cooking experience and dinner: first you cook, then you eat what you have prepared!
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all lessons focus on practical application;
  • We are BYOB (Bring Your Own Wine): you can bring your favorite wine and beer to the classes!

We also offer the opportunity to organize events for up to 45 people.

Italian cooking classes in NJ: book now!

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