Cantucci: fun facts and pairings


Those who have stayed at least once in Tuscany (Italy) will probably have tasted the famous cantucci. Let's see what they are, find out some fun facts about their history and how to best enjoy them.

But what are cantucci?

Cantucci are dry almond-based cookies that are typical of Tuscany. It is a dessert with a crunchy texture that has accompanied every fine meal of the Tuscans for decades; a true Italian product of excellence protected by a specific production specification that certifies compliance with the production process.

According to the specification, authentic cantucci are obtained from the production of a dough made from flour, sugar, fresh eggs, butter, honey and natural, unpeeled almonds. The dough is then baked in the oven, and once the loaf has been baked, the characteristic diagonal cuts of a maximum length of about 10 cm are applied. This results in cookies with a golden top surface and well-filled with almonds: these are cantucci!

Although many people remain faithful to the original type, today cantucci are available in many variants, from pistachio to hazelnut, from cocoa to extra-virgin oil, from lemon to chestnut. 

But how do you consume cantucci?

According to tradition, cantucci are enjoyed soaked in liqueur wines, such as vin santo or marsala or passito. Vin Santo is the perfect combination, as it enhances the flavor of the cookie and at the same time makes the texture softer.

Most often, cantucci are also tasted on their own, along with coffee or tea.

From when do cantucci originate?

Like many Italian agri-food products, cantucci also boast a long history dating back to the 16th century. Fun fact: at first they did not contain almonds, which were only introduced during the 1900s.

Tuscan cantucci, today a world heritage

In 2022, well over 3,000 tons of cantucci were produced. The target markets are: 48% Italy, 38% in the rest of Europe, 14% in non-EU countries, in particular Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States (source: AssoCantuccini).

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