Catering in New Jersey: all the advantages


Among the most popular food services in New Jersey and the United States, catering is gaining more and more popularity thanks to its extreme convenience and ability to satisfy a large number of diners without any effort.

Let's take a look at the advantages of catering, when you might need it and how to take advantage of Healthy Italia's professional catering.

Convenient, simple, fast. The advantages of catering

Here are some of the most appreciated advantages of catering services:

  • Wide choice of menu: you can choose from dozens of different dishes, to meet all expectations
  • Traceable ingredients: the ingredients used by catering companies and restaurants are purchased from certified suppliers and are therefore traceable and fully compliant with regulations
  • Be aware of intolerant, vegetarian and vegan people: among your guests are there any people who suffer from intolerances and allergies, or that follow a vegetarian or vegan diet? No problem: professional catering has answers for all dietary needs and offers varied menus with high-quality ingredients
  • Qualified staff: specially trained staff are entirely dedicated to food preparation, thus guaranteeing the highest quality of service
  • Flexibility: you can buy food according to the actual number of diners, reducing the risk of waste
  • Fresh food every day: catering professionals are dedicated to the daily preparation of meals, guaranteeing the maximum freshness and healthiness of each dish
  • Save time and energy: have you decided to organize a house party with 20 people? Do you want to organize an office lunch? Catering offers your chosen ready-made dishes, allowing you to save time and energy
  • Complete menu: from appetizers to first courses, from main courses to desserts, from salads to pizza and focaccia, with catering you can take care of lunch or dinner from start to finish and make a great impression!
  • Familiarity: meals are made even more pleasant and tasty with a touch of familiarity.



Catering in New Jersey: what we offer

Healthy Italia offers a professional catering service in New Jersey based on Italian specialties.

Every day Cristina and her staff are dedicated to the preparation of fresh dishes - including lasagna, chicken scallops, gnocchi alla sorrentina, tiramisu, meatballs, pasta - available to customers for takeaway and consumption at home or in the office.

For information on the food available and to book our catering service call us on (973) 966-5200. Reservations are to be made three days in advance, payment can conveniently be made online and pick up takes place exclusively on site at our headquarters at 53 Main Street, Madison NJ 07940.

Is cooking not your passion? No problem, we have it covered

Check out the Healthy Italia catering menu.

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