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Healthy Italia, an NJ cooking school with gastronomic and catering service, returns with a wide range of cooking summer camps for children and teenagers.

Find out more and reserve this opportunity for your son or daughter now: there are limited places available!

Cooking summer camp for children and teenagers - to have fun while learning

The cooking summer camps offered by Healthy Italia are the perfect way for your children and teenagers to enjoy learning and improving their skills in the kitchen.

making pasta

Many parents are a little apprehensive about their little ones experimenting with cooking equipment and preparations in the home kitchen: what if they get hurt? What if they cut themselves with a knife? Or accidentally swallow a foreign body?

Our summer camps were created with a twofold objective: on the one hand, to bring children closer to the fantastic world of cooking by enabling them to move around safely in the presence of qualified staff; and on the other hand, to pass on the good practices of Italian cuisine, where with simple and healthy ingredients it is possible to create truly delicious dishes!

A great way of unleashing talent and enriching the culinary skills of the family, under the supervision of our staff and other contemporaries to socialise with!

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Cooking summer camp in NJ: how it happens

Our summer cooking classes allow plenty of room for creativity and hands-on experience, where everyone can make their own contribution to a result to be shared with joy!

girls while cooking

Here are some useful details for parents:

  • Each class consists of a maximum of 9 participants; this enables us to give the right care and competent support to the children, to answer all their questions and experience their enthusiasm together!
  • So that everyone is able to experiment in the most comfortable way, we have chosen to assign each child an entire cooking station, with ingredients and accessories provided by us along with all the information on recipes and techniques to be used
  • We advocate the "zero waste" philosophy: any uneaten food is taken home to be shared with parents, siblings and grandparents!
  • Each child will be able to create their own cookbook

Our summer camps are designed to make a lasting impression that goes beyond the practical: they are a valuable opportunity to get closer to the world of food intolerances, to learn to respect everyone's diversity and needs, to learn about time management and to become familiar with the concept of "multi tasking".

What could be more wonderful and rewarding for a child than to be able to try their hand at everything that goes on in a kitchen?

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