Dark chocolate: mouth-watering health benefits


Do Americans like dark chocolate? Indeed they do! 

According to market research company Euromonitor, the chocolate sector in the United States was worth over 20 million dollars in 2022, a testament to the popularity of this product which is now widely considered to be a must-have comfort food. 

One of the most popular varieties is dark chocolate, which has an intense aroma that captures the authentic bitter taste of cocoa beans, delivering a veritable blast of flavor along with a lower percentage of processed sugars. And there's a lot more: eaten in moderation, dark chocolate has a considerable number of positive health benefits for the body, deriving primarily from certain substances found in cocoa beans. Let's explore the most important ones.

6 health benefits of dark chocolate you may not have known about

So first let's clarify that, under Italian law, dark chocolate must have a minimum percentage of 43% cocoa. From 70% onwards, it's classified as extra-dark chocolate.

dark chocolate


With 85% extra-dark chocolate, we find health benefits and more that include the following:

  1. Limits the risk of cardiovascular disease, in cases of both new onset and those who have had prior cardiac episodes or events
  2. Flavonoids and polyphenols found in cocoa help lower blood pressure, helping arteries stay flexible and healthy
  3. Thanks to tryptophan, it boosts serotonin production, commonly known as the happiness hormone, which in conjunction with anandamide makes dark chocolate a veritable antidepressant remedy
  4. Improves insulin resistance in overweight individuals
  5. Protects against hepatic steatosis, a condition in which the liver has an abnormal accumulation of triglycerides
  6. Enhances endothelial function, which is responsible for controlling vasodilation processes and the transit of white blood cells and other substances in and out of the bloodstream.

What is the recommended daily amount of dark chocolate?

Having discussed dark chocolate's health benefits, it has beneficial effects on the body provided it is eaten in moderation. According to experts, the maximum recommended dose is about 30 grams per day, although it is best not to eat it on a daily basis.

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