Kids cooking summer camp in NJ: give your child a new experience!


The love for food… starts at a young age!

A reference point for the organization of Italian cooking classes in New Jersey, Healthy Italia pays special attention to children by offering cooking summer camps exclusively dedicated to them. An original idea to give your children and grandchildren a completely new experience, with the safety of qualified operators who will take care of them.

Kids cooking summer camp in NJ: how does it work?

Enhancement of autonomy, growth of enthusiasm and passion, development of sensitivity to the issues of zero food waste and above all a lot of fun: these are the main ingredients of our cooking summer camps reserved for children! But how does it work, on a practical level?

Our small guests will have an entire reserved cooking station at their disposal, and guided by our team they will try their hand at preparing from scratch simple dishes typical of Italian tradition. Particular attention from the Healthy Italia team will be reserved for the use of kitchen equipment, stoves and knives, with the aim of preserving the safety of small guests and at the same time helping them to become familiar with accessories that are normally in a house.



The kids cooking summer camps last 4 days, and take place in the morning or afternoon. During this time each child will make their own cookbook, also learning the basics of preparations for those with dietary needs or taste preferences.

To ensure adequate support, each class can accommodate a maximum of 9 children. At the end of the cooking class, each participant will take home any food leftovers, to be enjoyed with their family.

Full calendar of kids cooking summer camps

The kids cooking summer camps are usually held in June - August at the headquarters of Healthy Italia - La Buona Cucina (55 Main Street, Madison, NJ, USA).

On the page dedicated to summer camps you can view the complete calendar, consult in detail the dishes that will be prepared on the chosen date and proceed with the autonomous registration and online payment.

For any request for information we will always be happy to help you.

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