Taggiasca olives, the Ligurian excellence to be discovered


Among the Italian agri-food excellences, Taggiasca olives are also highly appreciated in the United States. They come from a variety of olive trees typical of Liguria, in particular from the Riviera di Ponente, and are suitable for being stored in oil or brine, and for the production of true extra virgin olive oil.

Let's discover the origins of this renowned agricultural product, and tasting tips that enhance its properties and flavor.

Where do Taggiasca olives come from?

The long history of Taggiasca olives begins in Taggia, a small town of 14,000 inhabitants in the province of Imperia. Here the monks of San Colombano from the monastery of Lerins transplanted the olive trees of their land of origin, giving rise to a new type of cultivar that soon met a huge fortune: the taggiasca.

Although today this variety is cultivated in different areas of Italy and even in California, only the original Taggia olive can boast the DOP (Protected Origin) certification, proof of the exceptional quality closely linked to the perfect combination of soil, water and climate.

How to recognize real Taggiasca olives?

First of all, Taggiasca olives are smaller than normal table olives. From an aesthetic point of view, they are characterized by their dark color with shades that vary from purple to green to intense brown. Their surface is rough, and their texture is very fleshy.

As for the flavor, Taggiasca olives have fruity notes with a sweet scent, spicy nuances and aftertaste of almonds and pine nuts.

Taggiasca olives: how to taste and cook them

In addition to the creation of an excellent extra virgin olive oil, Taggiasca olives are particularly suitable for seasoning salads, making delicious focaccia with olives, embellishing pasta and sauces, giving a touch of flavor to second courses of meat and fish.

If you want to try the typical Ligurian cuisine, do not miss the dishes based on Taggiasca olives, such as Ligurian stewed rabbit, Ligurian capponadda, lamb with olives, roast beef with olive sauce and capers, stewed cod and Brandacujun, another traditional dish based on potatoes and stockfish.

Taggiasca olives submerged in water and salt, therefore deprived of the bitter scent that characterizes them during the harvest, are also ideal as an accompaniment to a delicious glass of wine during the aperitif.

Where to buy Taggiasca olives in the United States

In collaboration with highly qualified Italian producers, Healthy Italia offers a selection of 100% authentic Italian agri-food products. From our e-shop you can buy jars of original pitted Taggiasca olives from Liguria and receive them adequately packed and delivered to your door.

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